Social Media Myths – Why Just Having a Website Won’t Cut It

At a Social Media Marketing (SMM) training session I conducted with a group of small business people I heard comments, concerns and assertions that revealed some common misconceptions and myths about SMM. In a previous post we attempted to dispel the “myth” that social media doesn’t cost anything. In this post we address the notion that if you have a website you really don’t need to do social media marketing.

For the most part, marketing is about capturing eyeballs andDigital Media Time Spent By Platform most eyeballs today are affixed to smartphones and tablets. According to a study by comScore, a majority of Americans (60%) access the Internet with mobile devices.

People are using their app driven mobile devices to go on social networks. To build awareness and generate sales, businesses need to go where their customers and prospects are.

Social networks are where millions are congregating, celebrating and collaborating. Its where people are having 24/7 conversations, sharing photos and videos about product, goods, and services.  This is why social media marketing makes sense.

The way that people make purchases has changed. Consumers want to solve problems. They only care about your products or services to the extent that you can provide a cost effective solution to their problem.  When consumers need a product or service, they go to the search engine of their choice – Google, You Tube, Bing, Yahoo etc.- and type in a search term or question regarding the problem they need solved or the question they need an answer for. It is highly likely that what they are looking for will be found on a social network. If your only digital presence is your website, you significantly reduce your chances for being found.

The Role of Your Website in A Social Media Marketing Strategy

As a small business you are challenged to generate the kind of web traffic Leading Social Networksthat many social media platforms have. This is why it makes sense to use social media marketing to leverage their traffic to boost your own. So instead of having just one distribution point for your content, you can share your content on various social media platforms and significantly expand and extend your reach.



Teach Inspire MotivatePeople don’t go on social media to be to be sold to, they go on social media to be informed, engaged and entertained. The content you share on social media should also inform, engage and entertain visitors. Social media is where you build trust and generate qualified leads and provide links back to your website. Your website is where you can present visitors with “hard sell” content. It’s your store and they come there to buy, so make it easy for them to do so. Your website is where you should close the sale or get visitors closer to converting.

Your website can and should be the hub of your digital marketing strategy. It’s a 24/7-touch point where your target audiences can engage with your company, at their convenience, for information, purchases and service. It’s where you want your social media marketing leads to go for more of the relevant content they looked for during their information-gathering phase. A website that is rich with a variety of relevant content that people are looking for becomes a destination site.

Most importantly, unlike social media networks, you own your website. You have complete control over the amount, type, quantity, quality and frequency of the content that appears on your site. There is no other medium that affords that amount of control.

Over a billion people are on social media. Its where people are spending a great deal of their free time. Small businesses that continue to discount social media as a playground for the youth market and choose not to use these channels may become isolated and separated from key target markets by a vast amount of information they cannot access.

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