Is Marketing Misunderstood?

Is Marketing Misunderstood?Marketing is one of the most misunderstood disciplines in business. If not the most misunderstood, it is certainly one of the least valued. Many business owners and managers see marketing as a “luxury,” something to be done when things are going well and the organization is flush with cash. As a result, when things are tight marketing budgets are the first to be cut. This stems from managers and owners inability to see immediate returns for their marketing investments.

It is not unusual to hear small business people say that they don’t do any marketing; that they get most of their business through referrals. Despite these claims, they continue to pass out business cards and meet with people, make changes and enhancements to their products/services, make pricing decisions and seek ways to distribute their products and services more efficiently. Doing these things independently of one another without a coordinated plan is more of an issue than assigning the name “marketing” to these actions. In the final analysis, regardless of what it is called, businesses need a plan of action built around key tasks that enable them to create and keep customers so that their businesses will grow and prosper.

Most non-marketers see marketing as promotion, advertising, brochures, and flyers. Others see sales and marketing as one in the same. Both views focus on only one aspect of the marketing mix.

The primary purpose of gL Market Research and this blog is to provide our visitors with tools to identify, define and measure their marketing efforts. As a result, we will de-mystify the term marketing in a way that allows businesses to understand the practical applications of marketing. By helping managers understand that decisions about critical aspects of their business are essentially marketing decisions, we hope to create better understanding of this misunderstood discipline.

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