About Us

We are a Middletown, Connecticut based, digital marketing consulting firm. Specializing in:

    • Web design and mobile applications development
    • Video production
    • Digital marketing planning
    • Market research 
  • Blog copy writing

 Our mission is to become a valued resource to our clients by:

  • Providing the best possible thought leadership for improved decision making.
  • Showing how marketing and brand principles can be used to achieve specific business goals and objectives.
  • Meeting the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

We are Inbound Certified by the Hubspot Academy, so we can provide the latest in Inbound Marketing strategies and tactics.

Strategic alliances and partnerships  enable us to deliver integrated marketing solutions to our clients. Together we bring more than 40 years of combined experience in management, leadership dynamics, strategy development and communications. Our vast business experience spans many industry segments including marketing, sales, energy, non-profits and finance.

 Our clients:

    • Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce
    • The Buttonwood Tree
    • C&H Insurance
    • UCC Church Building & Loan Fund
    • HH Home Performance
    • Mid State Chamber of Commerce
    • commVerge Marketing
    • One Putt Golf Tour
    • Abundant Communities Together (ACT)
    • Eversource Energy (formerly Northeast Utilities
    • Campus Park & Ride

For More Information Call:

(860) 316-5787